30 November 2023,   20:46
In 2012, the budget was GEL 8.5 billion, in 2024 the combined budget will be GEL 27 billion 800 million - Garibashvili

The country’s budget for 2024, planned with a 5.2% economic growth, would be GEL 27.800 billion. Such a statement made today the Prime Minister of Georgia.

“According to the Government’s calculations, the deficit next year would be 2.5%, the Government’s debt would equal 38.2% of gross domestic product, and the average inflation forecast within the target rate would be 2.8%.

The budget had been tripled within the past 12 years, noting it had been GEL 8.5 billion in 2012.

Over USD 85 billion will be the gross domestic product. This means that GDP per capita will exceed USD 8,600. This year it was USD 8,100. Also, I will tell you that by 2027, according to our forecast, the gross domestic product will be GEL 108 billion, which means that it will reach almost USD 11,000 dollars.

The budget of healthcare and social protection programmes was increasing by GEL 870 million which included increase in pensions and a 10% salary increase for primary care staff.

Pension for pensioners aged 70 years and older will increase by GEL 50 and will become GEL 415. The pension for pensioners of the same age category in highland settlements will be almost GEL 500. Public servant salaries would increase by 10% this year again.

The budget of the Ministry of Education will increase by GEL 470 million, GEL 350 million would be allocated for the construction and renovation of public schools, while GEL 225 million - for kindergartens. An increase in the salaries of employees in the kindergartens will also be considered.

Next year GEL 6 billion will be allocated for the development of infrastructure in the country, of which GEL 3.4 billion will be the budget of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

GEL 1.70 billion will be allocated to the development of road infrastructure, including GEL 1.20 billion for the construction of highways. GEL 1.90 billion is provided for the development of municipal infrastructure, GEL 500 million - for the improvement of the water supply and drainage sector. We plan to spend GEL 170 million on the development of tourist infrastructure.

GEL 300 million was expected to be spent for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the country, GEL 560 million - for the development of agriculture, and GEL 180 million - for the financing of environmental protection programmes”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.