29 February 2024,   12:51
760 flights cancelled or delayed at Munich airport following severe snowstorm

Severe disruptions hit Munich and neighboring regions after a winter storm unleashed heavy snowfall, causing chaos at Munich airport. German DPA news agency reported that 760 flights were scheduled, but were cancelled.

Munich airport was completely shut on Saturday, initially aiming for a noon reopening, but later the shutdown was extended until 6 am on Sunday (December 3). As much as 12-15 inches of snow was expected in places, “a large portion of that within a period of 12 hours overnight into Saturday”, DPA said.

The snowstorm’s impact wasn’t confined to Germany, affecting airports in Zurich, leading to flight delays and cancellations. Germany’s national railway too halted trains to and from Munich’s central station, urging passengers to reconsider or reroute their journeys. Stranded travellers faced an overnight stay on trains due to the suspension.