04 March 2024,   23:20
Support remains as strong as we have seen so far from the Hungarian side - Maka Botchorishvili

There is support from the Hungarian authorities regarding the issue of Georgia, especially when it comes to the integration of Georgia into the European Union. Such a statement made today the Chairwoman of the European Integration Commission of the Parliament.

“We know that the issue, which will be put on the agenda in December, in the European Council, needs consensus of all the members of the EU. We understand Hungary’s position regarding the decision to be taken by the European Council. The starting point for us here is that the processes that are developing and the positions that will be established within the framework of the European Council, do not damage the position of Georgia and the granting of candidate status to Georgia.

What we have heard so far, including from the Hungarian authorities, are statements focused on the need for consensus. It is natural that the decision to grant candidate status to Georgia, to open negotiations for Ukraine and Moldova, requires the consent of all EU member states.

It will be an intense week before this decision is made, intense discussions within the EU Council itself depending on the importance of the decision, naturally, there were no other expectations, but, in this case, it is important for us to have strong support on the Georgian side and a consensus that will be reached. among the member states, it should be useful for us.

Hungary’s position regarding Georgia is firm. We have heard this many times. This support was expressed during very intensive bilateral visits, in bilateral relations, and this support remains as strong as we have seen so far from the Hungarian side. This is very important for Georgia, due to the fact that Georgia needs active, loud support from the EU member states, and Hungary is such a supportive country among the EU member states, and will continue to do so.

The issues discussed are, of course, matters of national importance for Hungary. This refers to the population of Hungary itself, and naturally, these positions are expressed based on this. Most importantly, the emphasis is placed on the need for consensus and we hope that this consensus will be reached on December 15 among the member states”, - said Maka Botchorishvili.