12 December 2023,   02:37
Disciplinary Commission studies disrupted lessons art school due to "Georgian Dream" Meeting in Sadakhlo

School students, teachers and directors were present at the pre-election meeting in the village of Sadakhlo during the school hours.
Adil Sharifov, head of Sadakhlo Public School, disrupted the learning process as pupils and teachers were taken to the Georgian Dream"s election meeting at the Sadakhlo Cultural Center. The school principal did not answer the journalist`s questions.
The teachers who were taken to the pre-election meeting.in Sadakhlo Club were also prohibited to talkto the media.

At the meeting, "Georgian Dream" candidates tried to convince the assembled audience in the necessity to vote for the ruling party. Natia Mania, a teacher of Georgian language, specially photographed schoolchildren who attended the meeting.As che claims, pupils and teachers from four schools were brought to the meeting.
School children also confirm participation in the pre-election meeting at Sadakhlo Cultural Center.

The Disciplinary Commission is studying the incident. However, the reason for the study is not the fact that the teachers and pupils were taken to the party meeting, but thedisruption of lessons.