26 October 2021,   06:32
"The 32-hour nightmare at the airport" - Indian tourists accuse Georgian border guards in racism

Indian tourists who come to visit and rest in Georgia are not allowed to enter the country.

Indian citizens, who are returned back from the customs check point, have a Georgian visa and money as well as booked rooms in expensive hotels and a return ticket.

Although these citizens of India are trying to enter the country with legal and official documents, they are not allowed to enter the country without being explained any reasons and are returns back after a few hours of delay on the border.

Among them are the students who have already started receiving education and have paid for the study.

There are also absurd cases when the husband is allowed to enter Georgia and the wife is not; parents are allowed to enter and their children are not.

The most alarming thing is that the Georgian border guards behave as racists, they humiliate guests from India and treat them in a rude and inhuman way .

The  coverage in the international press is very critical and the published articles have such titles as: "A 32-hour nightmare at the Georgian airport," Terrible journey. "