29 May 2022,   10:13
Prosecutor"s Office releases a statement regarding the incident in Khorava Street

Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia has released a statement regarding the murder near public school #5. In the statement of the Ministry it is noted that the Prosecutor"s Office has held two teenagers criminally responsible for the murder that occurred near Public School of Tbilisi.

The Prosecutor"s Office also denies reports that the parent of one of the accused is an employee of the Prosecution Service.
Investigation established that on December 1, 2017, in the morning, 9th form students T.Ch. and A.S. were met by six teenagers from higher classes at the school toilet. One of them aimed pneumatic pistol to them and the latter ones expressed their dissatisfaction over the behavior. Afterwards one of the six teenagers told them that they would meet them outside the schools after lessons were over.

Shortly, A.S. called his underage relative M.K. for support and told him what happened.

On the same day, at about 14:00 M.K arrived near #51 School together with his friends. A.S. and T.Ch. joined them there. The students from 11th form were also near the school that had a conflict with T.Ch. and A.S. together with their approximately 11 supporters. The teenagers went to the yard of one of the residential building at Khorava Street. Conversation turned into verbal and afterwards physical conflict. One of those involved in the conflict, G.J. recognizing the quarrel parties were underage, stabbed D.S. with the goal of premeditated murder, causing a lot of injuries. G.B. also understanding he was committing murder, stabbed nonage L.D. in the leg and breast. Afterwards both of them fled the scene.

As a result of the wounds, L.D. died before being hospitalized and D.S. died on the following day despite being provided with medical assistance.

Law enforcers arrested nonage G.B. on December 2 in Tbilisi.

As reported by Georgia’s Prosecutor’s Office, all relevant legal procedures against underage G.J. are underway with the same qualification of the charges.

Prosecutor’s Office demands imprisonment as a preventive measure for the both of accused.