17 May 2022,   10:47
What caused Laris impairment-MPs meeting with President of National Bank of Georgia accompanied with acute debates

The President of the National Bank answered questions of the parliamentary minority and majority today. Opposition tried to understand from Koba Gvenetadze what were the reasons for devaluation of the national currency . The meeting was held on the background of acute debates in the parliament.

Koba Gvenetadze himself refrained from criticizing the government even though the opposition demanded to evaluate whether or not the impairment of lari was the result of government`s wrong economic policy.

Another question that the opposition had to the president of the National Bank was linked to the meeting held at the Georgian Dream office two weeks ago where the issue of inflation was discussed. When asked whether Koba Gvenetadze was present at the meeting, the president of the National Bank said no.