12 August 2022,   18:35
Family members of deceased referee were interrogated

Law enforcers interrogated family members of the deceased referee. The 33-year-old Ilia Tugushi"s family claims that the referee is a victim of pressure and the deal is related to sold games. Eka Tugushi, the wife of the deceased, spoke to the Curieri, about the testimony given to the investigative agency.

"I told them that they were searching for my husband, talking about 5000 GEL "- said Eka Tughushi, the deceased"s wife.

The persons named by the deceased referee"s wife were also questioned in the investigative department.
Nugzar Chkhaidze, the deputy director of "Guria" Lanchkhuti, confirmed during a telephone interview with "Courier" that the law enforcers questioned him but did not speak about the details.