26 May 2024,   09:21
European Court of Human Rights starts admissiblity hearing of "Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company " and Others Against Georgia " case

The admissibility hearing of the case "Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company " and Others Against Georgia " began on November 28, 2017," reads the letter of the court of 7 December 2017. The Ministry of Justice of Georgia has released this statement. There are four applicants in the case: 1. Broadcasting Company Rustavi 2; 2. TV Company Georgia; 3. Levan Karamanishvili; 4. Giorgi Karamanishvili.

The Strasbourg Court in its letter addresses the Government of Georgia, asks questionso each of the applicants. In this case Rustavi 2 is the first applicant and the European Court of Justice will discuss whether the company could be considered victims and whether it has exhausted all possible legal appeals before appealing to the European Court.