25 May 2022,   09:51
He is now alone and on hunger strike, we are very hopeful that today or tomorrow he will be released - Sandra Roelofs

Sandra Roelofs, who is participating in the rally in Kiev, assesses her husband"s detention as illegal.

According to Sandra Roelofs, the detention of the ex-Georgian president is absurd.

"They were in hurry to blame him for something internal. But, as you can see, people realize that this is a lawlessness. Too many people gathered. Shevchenko"s park is so full. The ar askng r not only Misha"s release, but also for fight aganst corruption, "Sandra Roelofs said.

According to her, Mikheil Saakashvili has the aim of defeating corruption.

According to Sandra Roelofs, Mikheil Saakashvili addressed the extreme form of protest and it is a hunger strike.

"The extreme form has been chosen for protest and this is a hunger strike. Of course, we are very nervous about it , but it is necessary. He is alone now and this is his only way to announce the protest. He is a political prisoner. We hope that either today or tomorrow he will be released, "Sandra Roelofs said.