17 May 2022,   12:25
"Another lie of the opposition,budget has not been reduced" - Kakha Kaladze regarding free diners

Kakhi Kaladze explains the reduction of free diners` financing. Tbilisi Mayor accuses "National Movement" of speculation and declares that the menu does not change, but the amount of money allocated per beneficiary in some cases has been caused
by low prices of the service offered by the tender winning company.

According to Kakhi Kaladze, 16 million 500 thousand GEL is allocated in the budget of the next year, but if necessary, additional funds will be allocated.

"This is speculation, another lies from the opposition. No budget has been reduced, 16 million 500 thousand are for social expenditures, especially for free dining.This is the result of the tender. It will be monitored on the monthly basis, "Kakha Kaladze said.

Information about reduced financing was announced yesterday by the "National Movement". Instead of 18 tetri, the beneficiary meal in several regions is cheaper by one tetri, while in Gldani the price is reduced to 1.13.GEL