17 May 2022,   11:41
Signs of Political Corruption in Government-conclusion of "Transparency-Georgia"

NGO "Transparency International Georgia" sees the risks of political corruption in 14 million donations to the Georgian Dream. All other parties together have been donated only a million and a half.

Transparency explains that in 42 cases, financiers had common business interests, while 30 donors of the ruling party used to donatemoney to the "National Movement" government when they were in power.

According to Transparency International Georgia, the tendecy was identkfied , according to which the donors were winners of state tenders, there are also fact when after paying donations about the property owned by the state was returned to the former owners.

According to Transparency, people who are openly connected with "Georgian Dream" make a lot of money. In 2016-2017, this sum exceeded a million lari.