25 June 2024,   10:27
Experts of Prosecutors"office traveled to Pankisi to conduct investigative activities

Experts of the prosecution have left for Pankisi to conduct investigative actions on the special operation on the spot. Experts will also study the room of Temirlan Machalikashvili.

According to Mariam Kublashvili, attorney of Ruslan Aldamov and Themilan Machalikashvili, the expertise of the Prosecutor"s Office wil carried out expertise in the family of Machilikashvilis.

According to the lawyer, the defense side will provide independent expertise in the nearest future.

"We keep the items in place as much as possible,, not to change the picture in the room. However, as the time passes, it is more difficult to do it , the festive days have been very disturbing in this regard, "said Mariam Kublashvili.

The Tbilisi City Court sentenced 4 persons detained in Pankisi to preliminary detention as a preventive measure. As for Temirlan Machalikashvili, he is not charged due to health condition.