28 November 2023,   12:49
Exclusive of "Courier" - scandalous materials of Chataev"s case

Courier has obtained Ahmed Chataev`s case materials . The video footage shows that the persons liquadated in the special operation in Gabriel Salosi avenue before the operation freely moved around Tbilisi streets, shops, banks and shopping centers.

19-year-old Thimirlan Machalikashvili and members of Chataev"s group can be seen together in the video footage released by the State Security Service. The video is taken at the shopping center.

Another person appears in the footage of Chateau"s group, but his face is blurred.

The unknown person is neither liquidated nor among the detainees.

According to Courier, he is one of the accused who has been killed by law enforcers. According to the confidential source, he left Georgia through the Sarpi customs checkpoint.

The wife of Ramaz Margoshvili, who was arrested on the case of terrorism, claims that the members of the Chataev group arrived in Pankisi Gorge last year and got acquainted with the locals as a tourist.