25 June 2024,   05:10
"Some, by unnecessary stupid expressions strain the situation" - opposition about to the governor` threat to the Pankisi residents"

The opposition responde to the information released by the population of the Pankisi Gorge,according to which Kakheti governor threatened them.

The National Movement says that the authorities put pressure on the population.

"Instead of investigating if they were real terrorists and how they entered the territory of Georgia. Instead the Georgian population is being pressured, threatened, terrorized and the investigation is not going on. This means that the government itself is very inconsistent, "-said UNM member Nino Kalandadze.

The European Georgia says that the authorities do not know how to talk to their fellow citizens in the Pankisi Gorge.
The leader of the European Democrats, Paata Davitaiacalls on the government of Georgia not to strain the situation in Pankisi with inappropriate expressions.