18 June 2024,   07:06
Why the Grozny Mayor was not in the list, I would probably have these questions with the former government - Tea Tsulukiani

Minister of Justice made a statement regarding the visit of one of the influential representatives of Ramzan Kadyrov"s government, the Mayor of Grozny to Georgia. According to Tea Tsulukiani, Grozny was not be included in the special list of the border guards.

The Minister of Justice has questions with the former government due to absence of the mayor of Grozny in the list. According to her, if the ex-government officials knew about the military crimes of Muslim Khuchiyev then why they did not include him in the special list.

"As it is known to me, this man was not on the list of the border guards that prevents somebody from entering the territory of our country. As to why he was not in the list, I would probably have questions with the former government, because they were in power in 2008 and they should have mase up this list. And whether that person should be included in this list now, the MIA will study and react, " Tea Tsulukiani said