18 August 2022,   12:27
"This step is in general correct but belated," - Burjanadze assesses the Prime Minister"s statement

Nino Burjanadze, the chairperson of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia, calls the statement of the Prime Minister correct but belated.

According to Burjanadze, if the government had started a direct dialogue with Russia, Archil Tatunashvili would have been alive today and no occupation line would have been transferred

"This step is in general correct but late. I think that the authorities should have taken these steps before the situation got more intense, before the statement made by Bibilov"s statement. The Government should have taken these steps lon ago. And in this case Tatunashvili would be alive today, In the right steps I mean direct dialogue, meetings, consultation, fight - but fight at the negotiating table, "-
Burjanadze said.