25 September 2022,   10:06
"Your Minister does not care for laws," - Argument between Bokeria and Deputy Finance Minister

A meeting between the Deputy Minister of Finance of Georgia with parliamentary faction "European Georgia". The meeting was held in the background of debates. The main issue for discussions was the accumulative pension. However, Nikoloz Gagua had to make the explanations due to the Minister"s absence.

Giga Bokeria asked him to explain why he was unable to arrive at the parliament or answer the party"s letter.

" We asked the minister three weeks ago to say when would he be able to come. He has not responded till now. I have the same question to you and there are several options. First - Your Minister does not care about the rule of law and puts himself above the law. The second option - He does not care about the Parliament. The third option - He has such attitude towards the European Georgia, and the fourth option - He is so busy that does not have even a minute, "Giga Bokeria said. Nikoloz Gagua pointed out that the minister plans to visit the parliament.

"We agreed on such format of today"s meeting. As for the Minister"s visit to the Parliament, it is planned, "said Nikoloz Gagua.