08 April 2020,   06:18
President of Georgia is ready for a rational dialogue with the Russian president

The President of Georgia has made a statement about the meeting with the Russian leader.

"According to the recent studies, people want a dialogue with Moscow," the president said.

According to Giorgi Margevalashvili says that he wishes the Russian President to speak with him in the interests of people and not as a leader os " Derjava".

Giorgi Margvelashvilibelieves that the policy, chosen by his team in regard to Russia is right.

" I believe that our policy in regard to Russia is right. We say: We offer you a rational dialogue. What does rational dialogue mean? Rational dialogue means: Come with your views, problems, interests, your vision on what benefit can we have from each other, we will come as well, we will sit down and discuss it," - the President said.