06 July 2020,   12:45
Sarlidze demands resignation of Minister of Internal Affairs

Zaza Saralidze, father of Davit Saralidze killed on Khorava Street, addressed the people gathered in front of the Parliament.

Zaza Saralidze called on the Georgian Dream to stand by him.

"I urge the ruling team to come out with us to stand on this stage and fight with injustice together with us because every door is open to those who are struggling to restore justice, "said Saralidze.

At the rally Sarlidze demanded the resignation of the Interior Minister, as he said Khorava street case was launched by the Ministry of Gakharia.

"The investigation of my son"s murder started at the first stage at the MIA and in a few days it was handed over to the Prosecutor"s Office, which means that the the MIA started the first fraud in this case and when I was already in the street with your help, it was returned to the office. I do not trust the ministry, but I made a move, I gave 10 days to take the concrete steps. Instead of concrete steps, they continue to spit in my son"s soul and in the soul of Malkhaz Machalikashvili"s son ... now I want to ask for the resignation of Gakharia, "- said Saralidze.

According to him, b Merab Morchadze"s detention they trying to justify Mikheil Kalandia`s testimony instead of detaining a real murderer of his son.

Zaza Saralidze also requested the resignation of the Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani.