18 August 2019,   08:00
Presidential Elections - According to "Edison Research" latest survey, Grigol Vashadze wins in the second round


The date of the presidential election is known, the second round will be held on November 28 - exactly two weeks before the second round, difference between the ratings of presidential candidates is 12 percent . According to the latest survey, Grigol Vashadze wins the elections.

According to a new survey by authoritative organization "Edison Research", if tomorrow the second tour of the presidential election was to be held, the majority of voters would support the candidate of the United Opposition, Grigol Vashadze.

According to the latest study of "Edison Research", Vashadze"s rating is 12 percent higher than Salome Zourabichvili"s political rating. When asked by an authoritative international organization "Edison Research", who would they vote for if the presidential elections were held next day, the allocated results were distributed as follows: Grigol Vashadze 56% and Salome Zurabishvili 44%.

These data excluds those who have not decided or do not answer the question.

Without allocation the data is as follows: Grigol Vashadze - 38%, Salome Zurabishvili -34%, I do not know / do not answer - 18%, no one - 10%.

By means of allocation, ie by weighting down the number of people by means of additional questions, and by decreasing the number of people who are still undecidedl or do not answer the question, the result is the following:

If the second round of the presidential election is held today, who would you vote for? Grigol Vasadze has 41% support, Salome Zurabishvili 36%, I do not know and do not answer 15% and no one - 8%.

Data researchers have developed a complete allocation before publishing. Because the number of undecided voters was great, Edison Research found that who they would vote for the second round by additional questions.

One of the questions regarded the voter"s mood.

Grigol Vashadze is leading in the positive rating. His activity is assessed as very positive by 7%, positive 41%, negatively 29%, very negatively 23%.

The negative rating is led by Salome Zurabishvili - 38% of respondents have negative attitude towards Zurabishvili, very negative 32%, positive 28%, and very positive only 2%.

These results were not unexpected for the presidential candidate of the United Opposition. He says that people"s mood is also the same at face-to-face meetings with the population.

"Rustavi 2" has been cooperating with Edison Research since 2010.