25 June 2019,   12:39
President will not sign pardon decree- wounding in Tskneti named as one of the reasons for failed sessions of commission

The president will not issue the last pardon decree - the criminal case in Tskneti is named as one of the reasons.
Former prisoner pardoned by the president wounded three persons who are the prison staff in Tskneti .
The chairperson of the commission does not confirm that this is the reason for the cancellation of the last pardon decree of the President.
Zviad Koridze does not speak about the details of the commission meeting.But it is a fact that the session of the Commission has not even been appointed , which means that the Commission will not be able to review the cases, prepare the recommendations and send it to the president.
However, the commission members confirmed that Margvelashvili was planning to issue the last pardon decree. This week one session of the commission was held, but afterwards the commission members received notification that the work of the commission has been suspended.
Zviad Koridze says that if President Margvelashvili does not pardon the prisoners, the next president will do this.
Eka Gigauri, executive director of the NGO "Transparency International Georgia", says that the final preparatory pending 9 sessions of the pardon commission were annulled by the President for unknown reason.According to Eka Gigauri, now it only up to Giorgi Margvelashvili whether the last pardon decree will be issued until December 16th.