25 August 2019,   20:59
Norwegian police arrested two public officials for theft- one is Zardiashvili"s brother-in-law

Norwegian police arrested two public officials on charges of theft.
The information, which was distributed throughout the day, was confirmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the end of the day.
One of the detainees was a specialist of the State Audit Service. He demanded unpaid leave before leaving Norway and left the country.
Grigol Abralava, who is arrested for stealing in the electrical equipment store in Norway, is brother of wife ofMP Vano Zardiashvili.
.Zardiashvili distanced himself from his family member today and said he knows nothing.
According to the Courier, Vano Zardiashvili helped Grigol Abralava to get job at the audit service. Zardiashvili was the deputy head of the State Audit Office in 2013-2016.
Audit Officers told reporters that Abralava was under the patronage of an influential parliamentarian, only to receive a salary and did not attend the job.
The father of the arrested Abralava says that he thought his son was in Poland, but today he learned that he was in Norway.
Along with Grigol Abraalova, another public official was arrested in Norway - Giorgi Kiknadze. He was the head of Isani Department of Cleaning Service of Tbilisi City Hall.The City Hall says that before leaving for Norway Kiknadze went on vacation and is now considered as an employee of the Mayor"s office.