17 September 2019,   13:14
Selection of Judges - Procedural Committee did not support the draft laws of Beselia and "European Georgia"

Procedures for selection of candidates for the Supreme Court juddges and for submission to Parliament - Three alternative draft laws were considered at the sitting of the Committee on Procedural Issues and Rules.
The MPs did not support the legislative initiative presented by Eka Beselia. The Committee also did not support the draft law prepared by "European Georgia".
The Committee supported the legislative initiative developed by Irakli Kobakhidze and his teammates.One of the leaders of "European Georgia" Otar Kakhidze informed lawmakers and non-governmental sector about the draft law. According to the draft law of "European Georgia", judges and non-judge members of the High Council of Justice should be involved in the process of selection of judges to the Supreme Court.
The second bill was prepared by Irakli Kobakhidze and six MPs of the parliamentary majority. According to the draft law, as opposition lawmakers say, parliament is less involved, however, according to the proposal, as the majority lawmakers state the candidates need to pass five stages for becoming judges.The authors of the third bill are Eka Beselia and her associates, Beselia explains that their draft law implies amendments to the rule on judges.All three draft laws will be considered at the sitting of the Legal Issues Committee tomorrow.