25 June 2019,   20:53
Anaklia consortium is trying to create a feeling that the government and Ivanishvili are fighting against this project - Maia Tskitishvili

Maia Tskitishvili accuses the Anaklia consortium of non-fulfillment of obligations.

The Minister of Infrastructure responded to Mamuka Mdinaradze , who asked about financial problems, while the Consortium representatives state that the Anaklia port project is financed from financial institutions.

"When the Consortium representatives make statements about the Anaklia port and the projects to be implemented, they say that they are funded fully from the financial institutions. The Government states that you are talking to financial institutions on various issues. I So with what are we dealing ? What kind of negotiations are underway? Why do not coincide these two positions?"- Mdinaradze asked.

As the Minister of Infrastructure Development said in Parliament , the Anaklia Development Consortium has financial problems and therefore can not fulfill its obligations.

The minister said that he would not agree with the opponents that the TBC bank"s case was hampered the construction of Anaklia port.