18 July 2019,   22:13
Transnational scheme of illicit trade with arms spare parts is deciphered - citizen of Turkey is arrested

Transnational scheme of illegal trade with arms parts is deciphered - Georgian law enforcers together with American colleagues, have detained a Turkish citizen, one of the participants of the scheme.
According to the agency, a citizen of Turkey was detained at the customs border of Georgia on a charge of smuggling a large amount of movable items.
The investigation found that the defendant, along with the accomplices, decided to smuggle parts of firearms to Georgia, according to the preliminary developed criminal scheme.
In order to carry out the intention, E.E. and his accomplices through the LLC "Georgian Post" sent a package with the parts of the firearm instead of declared goods to a postal address to Georgia in the name of the acquaintance.
Police seized 16 sets of parts of different types of firearms, including 7 sets of "Glock 19" model pistol and 9 sets of "Glow 17th-4" model pistol.
Investigation is under progress under Article 214 (5) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.