02 April 2020,   09:57
"It"s time for us to fight in order not to mourn any more!" - protest rally against violation of construction safety norms to be held at Government Administration

"It"s time for us to fight in order not to mourn any more!"- The rally under this slogan is planned to be held this evening at the government administration. Together with the fact of the tragedy at the construction in Vake, the government"s economic experiments, its incorrect policy and the inadequate labor code that lead to people`s deaths will be protested. The main requirement is to grant a mandate to the labor inspection for immediate checking of labor rights . The organizers of the rally are trade unions and solidarity network. NGOs also support their support the protest.
"We have had specific demands on what should be done in the development of labor inspection, this is the result of the delay," said Giga Bekauri, a trade union activist.