25 June 2019,   02:33
A New Season of Political Corruption Has Been Opened - Dream has received one millions lari for elections

The new season of political corruption has been opened - "Georgian Dream" is already collecting millions to finance the election campaigns of candidates.
The main donors of the ruling party are still businessmen who are enriched from the state tenders.The pre-election money-box of "Georgian Dream" has already been filled with a million GEL.
The money transfers to the ruling party"s account before the mid-term elections began in March.On March 28, the businessman Roman Abramishvili donated 60 thousand GEL to the ruling party. Two weeks before the donation, on March 5, his company won a two-million tender announced by Tsalka municipality.
Bidzina Ivanishvili"s "Cartu" employees are the main sponsors of "Dream" in the new season of donation. Directors of "Cartu Bank" started transferring tens of thousands of GEL "Georgian Dream" account on March 27. Along with the directors of "Cartu Bank", other senior officials of "Cartu Foundation" also transferred money to the Georgian Dream"s account on the same day.
General Secretary of the ruling party is not surprised by businessmen"s generosity. The opposition finds a corrupt deal behind these transfers and the schemes of citizens" compensation at the expense of the budget.
Shalva Siradze has also transferred GEL 60,000 to "Georgian Dream" . According to the data of the National Agency of Public Registry, Siradze is a director of about 15 companies, including the subsidiaries of outdoor advertising company "Outdoor" - "Outdoor Sales" and "Outdoor Media House."
"Outdoor" was the main supporter of "Georgian Dream" during the campaign of Salome Zourabichvili.
.Former Director of RMG Gold and RMG Copper David Balanchivadze is also a major donor of "Georgian Dream". The founder of the new company Golden Group Balanchivadze donated GEL 60,000 to "Georgian Dream" . Bidzina Ivanishvili"s family members and close relatives have donated tens of thousands of GEL to "Georgian Dream". Among them are Bidzina Ivanishvili"s brother Alexander Ivanishvili with 50 000 GEL and Kakha Kobiashvili with 45 thousand GEL.While a million lari has already been collected by the "Georgian Dream" , the "National Movement" has received 12,600 and "European Georgia" 820 GEL.