21 September 2019,   01:16
"Our demand is the resignation of the Minister of Economy" - solidarity rally with the population of Pankisi at Parliament

NGOs and civil activists at the parliament. They announced support to the population of Pankisi.
Yesterday. the civil activists gathered at the Parliament after the events in the gorge. Participants condemned the use of force against the population by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and called on the government for reasonableness.The Pankisi Solidarity action will be held in Tbilisi today.
"We are protesting against the developments that we saw in Pankisi when the authorities used force against its own population which expressed their protest against the HPPs," said. the representative of the Human rights Training and Monitoring Center, Sophia Verdzeuli.
Participants of the rally imposed responsibility on two ministries- MIA and Ministries of Economy. They demanded the resignation of Natia Turnava who was appointed several days ago.