21 August 2019,   09:55
"The Special Forces beat me and Sabanadze was standing there" - Participant of conflict in Pankisi recalls the incident

"The Special Forces shot me down and the Sabanadze was standing there," said Dato Ikaidze, who was injured during the confrontation between law enforcers and citizens in the Pankisi Gorge recalls the developments.He was injured in the eye area and remains in hospital.

Date Ikaidze recalled the incident and said that the Special Forces officers shot him. After the rubber bullet hit him, ge fell, the riot policemen took him. Ikadze claims, that Kakhaber Sabanadze, the Deputy Interior Minister was there.

The confrontation between law enforcers and population began in Pankisi after the additional police forces entered the valley. The population protested against the construction of hydro power plant yesterday.

Locals and law enforcement officers were injured during the confrontation. At this time 16 patients remain in hospital.