18 September 2019,   16:10
I will make coffee for him personally, he just has to answer all my questions - Elene Khoshtaria responds to Giorgi Gakharia

"European Georgia" agrees on Giorgi Gakharia"s offer and invites the Minister of Interior Affairs on a cup of coffee. Elene Khoshtaria says that she is ready to make coffee for Gakharia herself.

A member of "European Georgia" states that there are many questions about the events in Pankisi. According to Elene Khoshtaria, Giorgi Gakharia cannot avoid questions.
According to her, the Minister was hiding behind the special force officers in Pankisi.

"Today we have serious questions to the Minister and he will have to answer then If he is afraid of the Committee of parliament, I would like to offer him a cup of coffee, prepared by me. Come and answer all the questions,"- Elene Khoshtaria said.