19 September 2019,   21:55
Ukrainian woman was going to meet her husband with ten children on Enguri bridge - attorney claims that all ten are her children

A lawyer of Yulia Suslyak, the citizen of Ukraine states that all ten children are hers and some of them were born by surrogate mothers.

According to Zurab Todua, her lawyer Yulia Suslyak is from a big family and the couple wanted to continue a tradition.
As the lawyer says, when she could not give birth herself due to a health condition, she found surrogate mothers.

The lawyer says that Suslyak"s husband had a business in Ukraine till he faced problems, caused by the government. As Suslyak"s husband was persecuted, he asked for the Russian government to give him shelter, but received a refusal.

After that, he moved to occupied Abkhazia. According to the lawyer, his wife with her ten children was going to meet him on Enguri Bridge and move to occupied Abkhazia as well.

As the lawyer says, the detained woman explains that she did not go directly from Moscow to Abkhazia just because she did not want to violate the law of Georgia on the occupation.