18 October 2019,   01:44
If monopoly is created whether it is a Russian company or the company from any other country makes no difference - Pkhakadze does not confirm that "Rosneft" will buy Wissol

The Kremlin"s economic expansion in Georgia - the information that Russian "Rosneft" is interested in buying Wissol is denied by "Wissol Group" chief. Pkhakadze says that the sale of "Wissol" is not planned. However, Soso Pkhakadze confirms that negotiations with the various players of the market are continuously going on.
According to Pkhakadze, business and politics are separated, as a businessman he is ready to speak to representatives of all countries and if the Russian company will be acceptable for him, the appropriate decision will be made.
"We talk to all the potential companies, we are businessmen. we will take decision according to conditions; even if the Russian company buys a network of gasoline stations in Georgia, it can not threaten the economy of the country, "said Pkhakadze.
"Rosneft" subsidiary "Petrocas" already owns Georgia, another large operator of the fuel market "Gulf." If this transaction really happens , then Russian energy companies will become monopolists on the Georgian market. Since Russian companies will control three major networks of petrol stations "LUKOIL" "Gulf" and "Wissol". However, as Soso Pkhakadze says, if there is monopoly in the market there is no difference if this monopolist is Russian or any other country`s company.