17 September 2019,   15:33
Injustice and illegality - "Odishi" journalist Levan Toria talks about the investigation launched against him

Levan Toria, the journalist of the Odishi TV Company, who became victim of violence during the assault on Sandra Roelofs, has been charged.
The investigation charges the journalist with committing violence. The incident occurred several days ago in the Dadiani Palace yard where Sandra Roelofs and journalists were attacked.
Another person participating in the confrontation has been charged with fact of violence against two persons.
Levan Toria says he is a victim of injustice.
"In two days the case has been investigated, when the attack on me four years ago is still not investigated and as for the case of violence against me, it is obviously injustice and illegality. The attackers and myself , we are charged under the same article, "Toria said.
The incident happened in Zugdidi several days ago. The journalist was taking an interview at Dadiani palace from the Mayoral Candidate of the United Opposition, Sandra Roelofs when he attacked by a five-person group and physically assaulted . The journalist was questioned about this case.Although Levan Thoria was attacked and injured, he was charged yesterday.