20 January 2020,   10:31
Blackmail and threat from "Dream" Zonders - Author of Scandalous Video Courier gives an exclusive interview

Blackmail and threat from "Georgian Dream" Zonders - a big scandal exploding 11 hours before the elections. Author of the scandalous secret record, Baadur Rafava speaks about the details of the incident in an exclusive interview given to "Courier".
The case concerns scandalous video footage aired on May 14 by "Courier", where Zugdidi Sakrebulo member Gia Danelia tells his villager that the party has received an assignment, to use all means including intimidation and blackmail of voters to win elections.
After the publication of the scandalous secret recording of , "Georgian Dream" Zonders kidnapped Baadur Rapava, whom they threatened with prison and blackmailed.
Rapava was forced to give an interview where he said that the record is fake and the "Dream" was telling the truth. But Ivanishvili"s party did not take into account the trap. Rapava gave an interview to avoid violence and left the country immediately after leaving the room.
Baadur Rapava told the "Courier" how he was blackmailed, threatened with the prison and raided the Zugdidi villages.
According to him, the record was made at night, and after the interview was written, he left the country. Baadur Rafava said his detention was planned.
"I left Zugdidi on that night ... if I did not do what I was asked, I probably would be in prison today ," said Rafava.
Rafava does not name the participants of the meeting nor does he confirm that they were law enforcers, but he says that representatives of official agencies met with him and filmed the video.According to him, after the record, he had to go to the Prosecutor"s Office the next day and give evidence that the record was falsified.