17 September 2019,   13:19
Miners" strike in Chiatura and a large-scale march

The miners" strike in Chiatura - Protest has received a new scale and the miners took a walk in the streets of the city.

Chiaturians express solidarity with hunger strikers in the tents and call on the government to help miners. They talk about the hard social mood. The population says that the ruling party does not stand by them and they need the support of locals only for elections.

"They came here, there was a meeting, They have presented Givi Modebadze and afterwards were elections and Kakhi Kaladze promised that he would stand by people However since then no one came,"- said one of the citizens.

A Deputy Chairman of the party "Free Georgia attended the rally too. Gogi Tsulaia expressed his solidarity to miners.

The miners" protest continues for eight days already.