19 October 2019,   22:33
Number of people detained at the government administration is more than 20

Last night, the situation at the government administration building got strained. Law enforcers arrested more than 20 people.
"If homosexuals do not repent their sin, they will burn down in hell ," - was the slogan of the anti "Tbilisi Pride" rally at the government administration.They demanded to restrict holding "Tbilisi Pride" and to share the statement of the Patriarchate where the clergy demanded the authorities not to allow organizers to hold Tbilisi Pride.The organizers of"Tbilisi Pride" came to the government"s administration and held a demonstration under the slogan"The State, where are you?"The organizers of the "Tbilisi Pride" and their supporters left the government administration area late last night. Later the contractor rally left the area as well.