20 February 2020,   22:17
Russia"s tourist embargo - Chiaberashvili speaks about the way out

Zurab Chiaberashvili, a member of the parliamentary faction "European Georgia - Regions", responds to a touristic embargo by the Russian president.
Chiaberashvili explains that by decreasing the tourist flow, the population, whose income is in the tourism sphere, will have some loss. The way out of this situation, according to Chiaberashvili, is to set up tax benefits for small businesses. However, the MP does not hope that the government will take effective steps.
"It is necessary to conduct a very good policy to help this business with the right economic policy, by taxing, deregulation, so that the business can quickly use other markets to exploit and make it less painful economically and socially, but it is not going to be done by a corrupt government "Said Tchiaberashvili.