18 September 2019,   16:16
Another citizen received eye injury on the night of June 20, about which the information was not spread

On June 20, another person received eye injury during the dispersal of the rally in front of the parliament. The information about him was not spread up to now.
"Courier" found out that he is undergoing treatment in New Hospital. The corresponding agencies have hidden this information so far. The clinic administration says that they do not have the right to identify the patient, but it was possible to save the eye of the injured citizen. Now doctors work hard to restore his eyesight.
"The condition of everyone is stable. None of these are categorized into the hard category at this stage. One patient has eyesight problems and we are working on this issue, "said Giorgi Kordzakhia, Medical Director of the New Hospitals.
As far as the "Courier" is informed, the patient has injuries on the other eye but it is not related to the raid on June 20. He is a veteran of the war in Abkhazia