23 February 2020,   12:22
It would be important not to make hasty decisions - Lomjaria speaks about the assessment of Strasbourg"s decision

The Public Defender also speaks about the necessity of avoiding hasty and incorrect interpretation of the Strasbourg Verdict by the Parties. Nino Lomjaria is particularly concerned about the government in this regard. According to her, it is important to analyze the decision of the Strasbourg Court.
"It is very important not to make hasty assessments or decisions, take more steps, it is very important to get acquainted with the decision and make a difference to the contents of this decision and what it asks and what the court will do, I do not exclude that it will leave some space for interpretation. In order not to make hasty and wrong steps especially on the part of the government, it is important to have time for all the objective sides, competent and qualified parties to agree on what the court decision means and the breach of which article was or was not determined, "- states Nino Lomjaria