23 February 2020,   18:47
Prosecutor Office explains why the investigating agency didn’t launch an investigation into Archbishop Iakob’s statement

The Prosecutor"s Office has released a statement regarding Archbishop Iacob’s scandalous words on conspiracy against the Patriarch and the plan of his liquidation. According to the Prosecution, the inquiry was not initiated because Archbishop himself had denied the widespread facts - the main reason for such a decision is that Archbishop’s statements are unconfirmed information due to various circumstances.

“The Georgian Prosecutor"s Office explains that the ground for the initiation of an investigation cannot be a public statement which, for the most part, is denied by the applicant himself. If the applicant himself denies the allegations made by him before the launch of investigation, the law enforcement authorities cannot assess such information as evidence of a crime.

Persons" political beliefs, opinions, doubts, wishes, or any other evaluative statements are beyond the legal scope.

In a telephone interview, Archbishop Iakob said that three years ago, the then Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior, the Chief of the State Security Service and several clergymen discussed the dismissal of the Patriarch and his removal from his patriarchal throne, but the statement regarding the liquidation of the Patriarch was denied by Archbishop Iakob on the following day.

As for the second part of the statement concerning the removal of the patriarch from the patriarchal throne, this part also contains many inaccurate or contradictory statements. Those, who according to Archbishop Iakob, attended the meeting, publicly denied any such discussion or even meeting. This actually eliminates even the theoretical possibility of the accuracy of this information”, - reads the statement.