28 May 2020,   08:15
Patient #10, Nikoloz Gamkrelidze, recovered from coronavirus

Nikoloz Gamkrelidze, Head of the Supervisory Board at Evex and the son of Amiran Gamkrelidze, the Director of the National Center for Disease Control, recovered from COVID-19.
After 26 days of treatment, he had already been discharged from the hospital. In accordance with the established rule, he will be in self-isolation for next two weeks. 

Nikoloz Gamkrelidze wrote on Facebook about his recovery, thanking the medical staff for their hard and dedicated work. 

“I would like to thank our doctors for their professionalism and dedication. We are really proud of you! We, as citizens, must fulfill our obligation, and our duty is to take care of one another and stay home. Only in this way will we defeat this challenge together. I congratulate all the recovered and I wish a fast recovery to all those infected”, - wrote Nikoloz Gamkrelidze.