03 June 2020,   00:23
“No Time to Be Lax” - Cuomo Extends New York Shutdown

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would extend the statewide “PAUSE” order, along with school closures, through April 29 because, he says, there is evidence that social distancing is working. And now is not the time to let up.

“The numbers continue to rise, but the rate of increase has slowed. The latest models show New York may have reached or neared its crisis apex.

Fewer than 8 700 new positives were added to New York’s case total overnight, compared with the 10 000 daily increases the state has seen in recent days. The state saw a decline of daily deaths Saturday into Sunday, and despite averaging just under 600 deaths a day for the past four days - including a slight uptick Sunday into Monday. As of Monday, New York state had 130 689 total cases and 4 758 deaths. Intensive care admission rates are slowing, intubation rates are slowing. It would suggest an overall flattening of the curve.

That makes the need for strict social distancing more urgent than ever, he added. And he raised the maximum fine for violating that protocol from USD 500 to USD 1 000 to drive home the point.

Now is not the time to be lax. Now is not the time to be playing Frisbee in the park. I want to be, frankly, more aggressive on the enforcement because all the anecdotal evidence is that people are violating it at a higher rate than before. If it"s not about your life, you don"t have the right to risk someone else’s”, - concluded Cuomo.