21 July 2018,   10:11
71 000 GEL from 2014 till now only on business trips - opposition counted expenses of the CEC chairperson

The opposition published expenditures of the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission, Tamar Zhvania which raised questions not only in political parties but also NGOs.

According to the officially requested documents from the CEC, the Chairman of the Central Election Commission is often in business trips and the expenses are also solid. 71 000 GEL from 2014 up to now is the amount of money spent on business trips only by Tamar Zhvania. The documentation includes activities in which Tamar Zhvania participated abroad.

The Central Election Commission responded to the allegations today.

The CEC assesses the issue as political manipulation. The statement says that discrediting the election administration is intentional before the elections.

In addition, according to the official data of the CEC, the Ministry bought a Toyota car a few months ago, for which 73 000 GEL was spent from the budget.

European Georgia also demands explanations from the CEC chair concerning the expenditure of the budget.
The ruling team does not have questions about Tamar Zhvania`s budget expenditures.