19 October 2018,   07:43
Rally in Zugdidi ended with arrests - victims announce more protest rallies

The rally of the population affected by stink bug in front of Zugdidi City Hall was accompanied with verbal and physical confrontation. At this time the action is over.

In Zugdidi, the population that suffered from the Asian stink bug gathered in front of the City Hall and demanded meeting with local authorities.

The locals were interested in what compensation would be paid for the damage inflicted by insect attack on the harvest..

The rally participants blocked the road, which resulted in physical and verbal confrontation between protesters and law enforcers. According to demonstrators, several people were detained during the rally.

The road was blocked for several hours in front of the City Hall where two brigades of the Special Forces were mobilized.

The situation got strained at the entrance of the City Hall after the demonstrators and the UNM members tried to enter the building. The law enforcement officers mobilized on the ground did not allow them to do so, which resulted in physical confrontation.

The governor`s representative met with the population instead of the governor, but after the meeting participants said they did not receive answers to specific questions.

Koba Kantaria, deputy governor of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti states that paying compensation is not planned. According to Kantaria, the issue of compensation is the competence of the central government. The response of the participants was that the local goverment had to count the damage and pass the information to the central government.

Population affected by the stink bug announce more rallies.