14 December 2018,   10:36
Zviad Ratiani"s Case - Writers Demand Official Explanations from Public Broadcaster Management

The writers are asking for official explanations regarding the video footage material on poet Zviad Ratiani aired by the public broadcaster.

Today, they handed their questions and complaints to the management of the broadcaster and expressed their hope that the responses will be taken as effectively as an awkward video footage of the poet"s arrest was aired on the broadcaster.

Writer Lasha Bugadze says that the public broadcaster has committed a moral crime.

The writer Teona Dolenjmashvili noted that the writers demand management representatives, journalists and writers to attend the meeting with the board.

The Public Broadcaster has released video footage of Zviad Ratiani"s detention on December 27.

Zviad Ratiani was accused of violating two Articles of Administrative code,- minor hooliganism and resistance to police.

The court fined Zviad Ratiani with 2000 GEL.