14 December 2018,   10:37
"Georgian Dream" faction splits into three parts in Borjomi

The "Georgian Dream" faction breaks down in Borjomi, but it is a Dream`s plan. Andro Tediashvili from "Georgian Dream" moved to "Conservators", Ivane Shalutashvili and Otar Arbolishvili went to the "Enterpreneurs ". Two new factions will be formed in Borjomi Sakrebulo following this political transfer. The political deal of the dream will cost additional 300 thousand GEL

The country"s ruling party, which is in minority in Borjomi Sakrebulo, is trying to improve its political and financial position with this decision. Members of the party recognize that the heads of the new factions and their deputies will receive extra remuneration and privileges. But they promise to do the job too. However, since the meeting, "Georgian Dream" faction is in the process of boycott and does not attend sessions of Borjomi Sakrebulo.

It is not yet known how longt he boycott of the Georgian Dream in Borjomi Sakrebulo will last the next meeting is scheduled for January 18th. At this session it will be decided whether 2 new factions will be created in Borjomi and exactly how many thousand GEL it will cost to the local budget.