20 January 2019,   14:14
Kumsishvili, Bezhuashvili, Damenia - Controversy over shares of "Badagoni" turns into political accusations

The owner of "Badagoni" accused Vice Premier Dimitri Kumsishvili of putting pressure on business. The head of the wine producing company made a statement with the workers at the factory and imposed the responsibility for leaving hundreds of people without job upon the government .

Giorgi Salakaia asserts that with the support of the government there are attempts to take business for him. Dimitri Kumsishvili does not respond to accusations. Davit Bezhuashvili"s lawyer replied to the head of "Badagoni".

Bezhuashvili gives Salakaia 4 days to deny the accusations, and will appeal to the court on Monday

Kakha Damenia w.ill sue the owner of "Badagoni" , who accused him of acting against Giorgi Salakaia together with Bezhuashvili.

Despite the fact that a criminal case has been instituted in connection with "Badagoni" shares,Vladimir Janjghava does not exclude to start a civil dispute. On the basis of Janjghava"s statement, Investigation Service of Finance Ministry entered "Badagoni".

The former shareholder of the company will release financial documentation tomorrow, which confirm that he has invested millions in "Badagonal" for years.