19 August 2018,   06:17
Sergeenko talks about business interests in clinics

Emergency medical service is accused of inefficient work. Audit Office reports in the conclusion that in many cases doctors regularly distribute wrongly patients to clinics.

According to the report of the State Audit Office, 693 patients with severe pain in the heart area were taken to hospitals that did not have a permit to work in cardiology. In 335 cases, the emergency medical center brigades took patients not to a nearby hospital but to a hospital that is much more far away.

According to the audit report, there is often a case when the patients are taken to a hospital where they will not receive appropriate medical care. Healthcare Minister Davit Sergeenko suggests that there are business interests of clinics behind these facts.

The head of cardiology clinic "Heart" tried to explain the cause of the patient"s transfer in the subjective manner through emergency assistance. Anzor Melia says that hospitals in Tbilisi have lobbyists in the parliament.

The urgent emergency center does not share the critical conclusion of the Audit Service.