05 December 2023,   03:36
General plan of capital development - decision of City Hall to be known today

Whether "City Institute" will continue to work on the Tbilisi General Plan should be known today. It is not excluded that Tbilisi City Hall will terminate the contract with the company.

Before the decision is made, representatives of City Hall will meet with City Council members in Tbilisi Sakrebulo. After that, City Mayor will introduce the decision to media representatives.

"There are some issues to decide. We are talking about how this project can be implemented, to what extent it can be imlemented in the form which we can offer, and we are still working to ensure that City Hall has the right tools for its implementation, "- said Mamuka Salukvadze, Director General of" City Institute of Georgia ".

Opposition accuses the government of the capital in deliberately delaying the adoption of the document and speaks about millions that have already been spent on the general plan.

 "It"s a simple situation either we are adopt a general plan and stop the chaotic construction that is going on in the capital or continue to distort the capital, as did the previous mayors. In this case, if the general plan is not accepted by the government of the capital, more than 2 million GEL paid to the company selected by the Georgian Dream is waisted. Mafiosi, clan, corrupt deals, between the government of the capital and other officials will continue" .- says member of the UNM, Levan Khabeishvili.